Nemesis: Void Seeders Expansion (VA)

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Auteur: Adam Kwapinski
Niveau: Expert
Éditeur: Awaken Realms
Langue: Anglais
Mécanique: Bluff, Coopératif, Figurines
Type de jeu: Stratégie
Nombre de joueurs: 1-5
Durée: 90-180 minutes


“Every spaceship has a voice; a melody of machinery and subsystems its crew learns intimately during long travels. The problem is, ever since the last mission our ship sounds WRONG. There’s something foul in the way it’s speaking to us. Barely audible murmurs. Strange whispers no machine could make. The dark corridors and vast halls almost seem to SING.

Some of us have tried to locate sources of this interferences, but they always seemed two steps ahead. Stalked by their never-ending presence, we soon started cracking. Our engineer has cut some words on his flesh. When we asked why, he replied:‘Incandescent secrets need to be written in blood’. Then, our navigator took a spacewalk without her suit. When we pulled her in, her entire face frozen and cracked, she grinned in a way I will never forget.

Now, it got even worse. Noises turned into voices, sharing tales of slaughter and terror. They do not run from us anymore. They encircle us and herd us through the ship to some dark purpose. I need to UNDERSTAND them before it’s too late. I put my hand on the pistol grip, looking at the backs of my last two crewmembers. I see dark mysteries swirling under their skulls. It would only take two bullet holes to release them…”

Void seeders are a race that can interact with the minds of crew members. They will have few nests instead of one, but only one strong fighting presence at given moment. Once killed, new one will be awakened from the most developed nest.

This race will focus on whispering and controlling minds – people who will be near them will start to hear voices commanding them to do different destructive things.

Overall feel we will be going for will be way different from what you will have in the base Core Box. We have a lot of cool ideas how to get Insanity cards in a way, that it will be an additional layer of you not trusting your friends – not only because of their objective but perhaps because of the Insanity cards.

Additionally, interaction with Void seeders will be way different, you will need to think very carefully where to move or place your hero to not go insane.

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