Solani (Kickstarter) (VA)

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Public cible: Familial / adulte
Auteur: Drake Villareal
Niveau: Intermédiaire
Langue: Anglais
Mécanique: Draft, Placement de tuiles
Type de jeu: Stratégie
Nombre de joueurs: 1-4
Durée: 30-60 minutes


Cut from quartz, each filled with the spirit of an elder, and decorated with eagle feathers to guide them, the Sun and Moon
were set into the sky by Fire Man.

Afterwards, many quartz pieces remained on the buckskin rug. First Woman selected a large, circular piece of quartz and
placed it into the center of the rug, declaring it to be the great Campfire. Fire Man then set this piece of quartz into the sky
with sheet lightning, creating what we know as the Northern Star. Then, First Man and First Woman themselves were laid out in quartz, and so too set into the sky by Fire Man.

First Woman, First Man, Coyote, and Fire Man all took turns arranging the crystals to form constellations. The “Solani” were laid out to guide the Navajo people and their lifestyle. After some time, Coyote grew impatient with the others, and in one swift motion he grabbed the corner of the rug and whipped the remaining bits skyward, creating what we know as the Milky Way.

Populate the night sky with beautiful constellations assembled from uniquely shaped tiles.

Solani is an abstract tile-laying and drafting game for 1-4 players.

Players will assemble constellations to be set into the sky, taking turns selecting two different shapes of tiles in a unique “double-headed” snake draft, before laying them onto their personal board. Properly connect the stars, observe the roaming planets, and correctly identify the placement of celestial bodies to complete your constellations puzzle in the best possible way.

After twelve rounds of play, Coyote grows impatient; he grabs the edge of the buckskin rug and tosses the rest of the quartz skyward – creating the Milky Way.

Her are the rules!

Ce Jeu est en anglais mais avec très peu de texte significatif!



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